Student Conference on Conservation Science – Ryan Perez

Being able to go the Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS) was such a great experience to have. The first day was the most filled day but everything that we attended was really interesting. The first part of the conference was an introduction of the conference and the people that run it and that was followed by doctorate students and master students presenting their research, all of which were extremely interesting and it helped me get a better idea of what I want to do and how it would look like. After the presentations we took a group photo and got to enjoy lunch with a mentor and got to talk to them about what they do, which was something I enjoyed the most. Later that evening we attended a poster session where we got to see research posters from various students ranging from high school to doctorate students, so seeing that variety was interesting. The second day was the same routine but with different speakers. I went to the same mentor for lunch but he was discussing a new topic that I still found very interesting. When we got some free time we all went to Times Square to get some sightseeing in and we all had a great time. The third and final day of the conference we got the meet the Doris Duke Scholars from the University Washington and talk to them about their program and share some stuff about our program. Overall I thought that the conference was extremely fun and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to attend it.

-Ryan Perez, 2016 Cohort

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