EcoPAD (Ecological Platform for Assimilation of Data)

EcoPAD is an ecological platform for data assimilation and forecasting in ecology. It centers at the inverse modeling and forward prediction and is supported by meta-databases of biogeochemical variables, libraries of modules of process models, and toolbox of inversion techniques (See figure below). EcoPAD includes components of (1) core computational models that are specifically designed to solve ecological issues, (2) a variety of optimization techniques for data assimilation, (3) various data bases that will feed into EcoPAD, and (4) diverse functions of EcoPAD. The functions enable users to (i) estimate model parameters or state variables, (ii) quantify uncertainty of estimated parameters and projected states of ecosystems, (iii) evaluate model structures, (iv) assess sampling strategies, and (v) conduct ecological forecasting.

Please click here for the application of EcoPAD in ORNL SPRUCE project.