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Yan Yan
101 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, OK 73019-5300, USA
Tel: (405) 325-8578
E-Mail: yanyan@ou.edu

Key Laboratory of Environment Change and Resources Use in Beibu Gulf (Guangxi Teachers Education University), Ministry of Education
Assistant research fellow (2014- present)

Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ph.D. Ecology (2011.09-2014.07)
[Dissertation: Suitability Assessment of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica Shelter Forest in Horqin Sandy Land Based on Water Budget]

Guangxi Teachers Education University
M.A. Physical geography (2008.09-2011.07)

Taiyuan Normal University
B.A. Resources Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning (2004.09-2008.07)

2015-2018, The evolution process of karst critical zone under gradient of human disturbance, Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi, ¥ 50,000, PI.

2015-2016, The ecological environment evolution of coastal zone in Beibu gulf based on multi-source and long time series remote sensing data, Guangxi Teachers Education University, ¥ 120,000, PI.

2016-2017, The process of karst rocky desertification based on high definition satellite images. Education Department of Guangxi, ¥ 31,000, PI.

Wang Yongzhuang, Hu Baoqing, Yan Yan*. Effects of low molecular weight organic acids on phosphorus adsorption characteristics in a black clay soil in Northeast China. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2016, 25(2):517-524.

Yan Yan, Zhu Jiaojun*, Yan Qiaoling, Zheng Xiao, Song Lining, Modeling shallow groundwater levels using satellite-based remote sensing images in Horqin Sandy Land, North china. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 2014, 8 (1): 083647.

Rong Jian, Hu Baoqing, Yan Yan*. Spatial-temporal distribution of net primary production and its influencing factors in Guangxi xijiang river basin from 2003 to 2012. Chinese journal of ecology. (In press). (in Chinese with English abstract)

YAN Yan, HU Baoqing, CAI Huide. The regionalization of small watershed in rocky desertification counties of Guangxi based on comprehensive controls and hydrological model. Earth and Environment. (In press). (in Chinese with English abstract)

Yan Yan, Zhu Jiaojun*, Yan Qiaoling, Zheng Xiao, Song Lining. Demarcation of the Horqin Sandy Land Boundary Based on Remote Sensing and GIS Technique. Scientia Geographica Sinica, 2014, 34(1): 122-128. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Yan Yan, Hu Baoqing*, Han Qingyan, Li Yuelian. 2012. Early warning for karst rocky desertification in agricultural land based on the 3S and ANN technique: a case study in Du’an county, Guangxi. Carsologica Sinica, 31(1): 52-58. (in Chinese with English abstract)

Yan Yan, Hu Baoqing*, Su Guangshi, Wang Lei. 2010. Preliminary design and application of karst rocky desertification comprehensive treatment on small watershed based on the 3S-CAD technique. Carsologica Sinica, 29(3): 285-292. (in Chinese with English abstract)

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