Cai, Andong

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Research interest
My research focuses on how climate, soil texture, and soil types affect the soil carbon and soil carbon sequestration efficiency in different land uses across China, particularly the processes and mechanisms of soil carbon stabilization and decomposition. The techniques used include the analyses: the different components of organic carbon, the stability of soil organic carbon, and soil sequestration efficiency, as well as data assimilation to study soil organic carbon and organic material decay dynamics.

• Ph.D. in Agro-environment, Sep 2016--Jun 2019.

• Research direction: Characteristics and driving factors of organic material decay in cropland of China.

1) Cai Andong, Feng Wenting, Zhang Wenju, et al (2016) Climate, soil texture, and soil types affect the contributions of fine-fraction-stabilized carbon to total soil organic carbon in different land uses across China. Journal of Environtal and Management 172: 2-9.

2) Cai Andong, Xu Hu, Shao Xingfang, et al (2016) Carbon and nitrogen mineralization in relation to soil particle-size fractions after 32 years of chemical and manure application in a continuous maize cropping system. PLOS ONE, 11(3).

In review & preparation/b>
1) Zhang Wenju, Cai Andong, Wang Jinzhou, et al. Dominant drivers on dynamic of soil carbon sequestration efficiency in China cropland. Global change biology. (Under review).

2) Cai Andong, Zhang Wenju and Xu Minggang. Characteristics of soil mineral associated organic carbon in China. Science of the Total Environment. (Preparing).

Oral presentations
1) Cai Andong, et al. Capacity and characteristics of mineral associated soil Organic carbon under various land uses. China youth soil science worker seminar (Shandong, China, May 19-21, 2016).

2) Cai Andong, et al. Effect degree of fertilization practices on soil organic carbon and fraction of croplands in china—Based on Meta-Analysis. Member of Chinese soil to the 13th national congress (Xian, China, September 19-21, 2016).

Fellowships & Awards
• Excellent master Theses of Beijing, 2016-2017.
• National Scholarship (China), Oct 2015. RMB 20,000.

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