Zhang, Qindi

Member Profile

Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss)
Northern Arizona University
P.O. Box 5620
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Room 107, Science Lab Facility Building (#17)
Phone: (520) 491-9799
E-mail: nyzqd@126.com


2008.9-2011.7 Ph.D. Botany Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China

2004.9-2007.7 M.S. Botany Sciences, Shanxi Normal University, China

2000.9-2004.7 B.S. Bioscience, Nanyang Normal University, China


2017. 1-present Associate professor, College of Life Sciences, Shanxi Normal University, China

2015.4-2017.6 Postdoctoral fellow, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

2011.7-2016.12 Lecturer, College of Life Sciences, Shanxi Normal University, China


2017-2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China (41601027). Interactions of grassland and soil moisture in a semi-arid watershed of Loess Plateau based on functional traits, Principal Investigator

2013-2016 Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province, China (2013021030-3). The spatial distribution, variation and environmental interpretation of Larix principis-rupprechtii forests in Shanxi Province, Principal Investigator


1. Zhang Qindi, Li Zognshan, Yang Lei, Wu Xing and Zhang Jintun. Separation of environmental effects on community variation of a larch forest in the North China. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108(2):1-7.

2. Zhang Qindi, Wei Wei, Chen Liding, Yang Lei. 2018. Spatial variation of soil moisture and species diversity patterns along a precipitation gradient in the grasslands of the Loess Plateau. Journal of Natural Resources, 33(8), 1-12. (in Chinese)

3. Zhang Qindi, Duan Xiaomei, Bai Yufang, Wang Yiling and Zhang Jintun. 2016. Functional diversity of Ulmus lamellosa community in the Taiyue Mountain of Shanxi. Chinese Bulletin of Botany, 51 (2), 218-225. (in Chinese)

4. Zhang Qindi, Jia Ruizhi, Meng Chao, Ti Chaowen and Wang Yiling. 2015. Diversity and population structure of a dominant deciduous tree based on morphological and genetic data. AoB Plants, 7, plv103.

5. Zhang Qindi, Bi Runcheng, Zhang Jintun, Lambert Nyobe, Miao Yanming, Liu Xiaoning. 2012. Dynamic analysis on spatial pattern of dominant tree species of cold-temperate coniferous forest in the succession process in the Pangquangou Nature Reserve. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 32(18), 5713-5720. (in Chinese)

6. Zhang Qindi, Zhang Jintun, Suriguga, Cheng Jiajia, Tian Shiguang. 2011. Self-organizing feature map classification and ordination of Larix principis-rupprechtii forest in Pangquangou Nature Reserve, Acta Ecologica Sinica, 31(11):2990~2998. (in Chinese)

7. Zhang Qindi, Zhang Bin, Zhang Jintun, Cheng Jiajia, Tian Shiguang, Suriguga. 2010. Pattern of Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation and its environmental interpretation in Dongling Mountain. Plant Science Journal, 28(5): 577-582. (in Chinese)

8. Zhang Qindi, Zhang Jintun, Suriguga, Zhang Bin, Cheng Jiajia. 2010. Life table and spectral analysis of Larix principis-rupprechtii populations in the Pangquangou Nature Reserve. Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology ,16(1): 1-6. (in Chinese)

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