Mikle, Nate

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Nate Mikle

Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma
770 Van Vleet Oval, Norman, OK, 73019
Email: natemikle@gmail.com


• M.S. Plant Biology, The University of Oklahoma, expected graduation May, 2014. Thesis title:
A global assessment of drought-induced collapses of ecosystem function

• B.S. Wildlife Ecology/GIS, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, 2009.

Research interests

• Effects of climate change on ecosystems
• Carbon cycle modeling- mechanistic and remote-sensing based
• Agricultural sustainability
• Ecological thresholds
• Plant-water relations

Spooner Scholarship for Coral Reef Ecology
Swenson Scholarship- 4 year full tuition scholarship plus a book stipend
UW-Stevens Point Environmental Scholarship
Corporal Daniel Coleman Scholarship for environmental studies

Research Assistant 2012-Current
• Drought impacts on ecosystem function
Field Ecologist 2008-2012
• Desert Tortoise Research Assistant
• Northern Goshawk Survey Technician
• Sage Grouse Telemetry Assistant
Naturalist Guide 2011
• Remote Alaska
Volunteer 2009-2012
• Improving food supply systems

Software experience

• ArcGIS- 6 years of experience, use for most geoprocessing and visualization, some simple calculations.
• ENVI- 1.5 years of experience, use for landcover mapping, some simple phenological work.
• R programming-1 year of experience, use for most calculations and statistics.

Academic Presentations/ Publications

Mikle, N., Luo, Y., 2013. Toward Identification of a threshold to ecosystem collapse using rain-use efficiency as an indicator. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2013, San Francisco, CA.

Luo, Y., Shi, Z., Mikle, N., Xia, J., Niu, S., Yan, L., 2013. Search for generalizable mechanisms and patterns from variable ecosystem responses to extreme climate. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2013, San Francisco, CA.


Mikle N., Luo Y., Xia J., Shi Z., Liang J. A global assessment of drought-induced collapse of ecosystem function. In Preparation.
Han GX, Xing QH, Yu JB, Luo YQ, Li DJ, Yang LQ, Wang GM, Mao PL, Xie BH, Mikle N. Agricultural reclamation effects on ecosystem CO2 exchange of a coastal wetland in the Yellow River Delta. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.agee.2013.09.012. In press.
Han GX, Xing QH, Luo YQ, Rafique R, Yu JB, Mikle N. Vegetation Types Alter Soil Respiration and Its Temperature Sensitivity at the Field Scale in an Estuary Wetland. PLOS ONE. In press.

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