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Kevin walks the ever-so-fine line between community and ecosystem ecology, and is especially interested in the impacts of global change on grassland systems. With the Luo lab, he will be assimilating field data from the Extreme Drought in Grasslands Experiment (EDGE) into a process-based terrestrial ecosystem model (TECO) to improve understanding about the current and future potential for different grassland systems to store carbon.

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Twitter: @Wilcoxkr

Research Products

Wilcox K., J. von Fischer, J. Muscha, M. Petersen, A. Knapp. 2015. Contrasting above- and belowground sensitivity of three Great Plains grasslands to altered rainfall regimes. Global Change Biology 21:335-344.

Avolio M., S. Koerner, K. La Pierre, K. Wilcox, G. Wilson, M. Smith, S. Collins. 2014. Changes in plant community composition, not diversity, drive changes in aboveground productivity during a decade of nitrogen and phosphorus additions in a tallgrass prairie. Journal of Ecology.102:1649-1660.

Koerner S., D. Burkepile, R. Fynn, C. Burns, S. Eby, N. govender, N. Hagenah, K. Matchett, K. Thompson, K. Wilcox, S. Collins, K. Kirkman, A. Knapp, M. Smith. 2014. Plant community response to loss of large herbivores differs between North American and South African savanna grasslands. Ecology 95:808–816.

Eby, S., D. E. Burkepile, R. W. Fynn, C. E. Burns, N. Govender, N. Hagenah, S. E. Koerner, K. J. Matchett, D. I. Thompson, K. R. Wilcox, and others. 2014. Loss of a large grazer impacts savanna grassland plant communities similarly in North America and South Africa. Oecologia 175:293-303.

Kirkman, K., S. Collins, M. Smith, A. Knapp, D. Burkepile, C. Burns, R. Fynn, N. Hagenah, S. Koerner, K. Matchett, D. Thompson, K. Wilcox, P. Wragg. 2014. Responses to fire differ between South African and North American grassland communities. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 793-804.

Knapp, A., D. Hoover, K. Wilcox, M. Avolio, S. Koerner, K. La Pierre, M. Loik, Y. Luo, O. Sala, M. Smith. Characterizing differences in precipitation regimes of extreme wet and dry years beyond amount: Implications for climate change experiments. Global Change Biology DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12888

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