Wang, Yuying

Member Profile

Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
University of Oklahoma
101 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, OK 73019-5300, USA
Lab Phone: (405) 325-8578


2006 Ph.D in Physical Geography

Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese academy of sciences, Chengdu, China

Thesis: Research on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Paddy Field under Different Management Models

2003 Master in Agronomy

Laiyang Agriculture University, Laiyang, China

Thesis: Studies on Senescence and Chemical Regulation in Growth Anaphase of high-yield upland-rice

2000 Bachelor in Agronomy

Gansu Agriculture University, Lanzhou, China

Research Areas

I focus on greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture ecosystem. I have devoted much effort to soil gas diffusions and carbon cycling in agro ecosystem. I am also interested in minimum tillage, residue incorporation and biogeochemical responses to global changes, such as rising atmospheric CO2, climate change and N deposition.

Research Projects

2009-2011 National Natural Science Foundation of China

Chief investigator of the study of the carbon equilibrium in photosynthesis and respiration processes of the agricultural ecosystem in Huabei Plain. (Grant No. 40805058)

Based on stable isotope techinques, the contribution proportions of photosynthesis and respiration to net carbon flux are determined by the EC(eddy covariance)/flask method in wheat-maize rotation cropland ecosystem in the Huabei plain. Soil respiration is determined by LI-8100 automated soil CO2 flux system. The different sources and components of carbon flux is quantified in cropland ecosystem.

2010-2014 National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)

Chief investigator of the study of the carbon and water fluxes in Luancheng agro ecosystem of warm temperate zone (the sub-specific topic of the inter annual variations of carbon and water fluxes and the inter relationships in the main terrestrial ecosystems). (Grant No. 2010CB833501-01-19)

Based on eddy covariance technique and the methods of physiological plant ecology, the carbon and water fluxes of typical terrestrial ecosystem were observed to identify the characteristics and inter annual variability.

2015-2018 National Natural Science Foundation of China

Chief investigator of the study of the carbon isotope fractionation during respiration process in a winter wheat-summer maize double cropping rotation in Huabei Plain. (Grant No. 41473021).

The research focuses on the interannual, seasonal, and diel variability in the carbon isotope composition of respiration in a C3/C4 agricultural ecosystem; it clarifies the carbon isotope fractionation effect during respiration process at soil- atmosphere interface. The research is devoted to the influences of soil moisture,temperature and δ13C content of soil organic matter on ecosystem respiration and its carbon isotope signature; the research objective is to find the mechanism of the effects of abiotic factors on the carbon isotope fractionation effect during respiration process in a winter wheat-summer maize double cropping system in the Huabei Plain.


6, 2006-Current Associate professor

Center for Agricultural Resources Research, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Homepage:


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Y.Y. Wang, C.S. Hu, H. Ming, Y.M. Zhang, X.X. Li, W.X. Dong, O. Oenema. Concentration profiles of CH4, CO2 and N2O in soils of a wheat–maize rotation ecosystem in North China Plain, measured weekly over a whole year. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 164, 2013: 260–272.

Y.Y. Wang, C.S. Hu, H. Ming, O. Oenema, D. A. Schaefer. W.X. Dong, Y.M. Zhang,
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Y.Y. Wang, B. Zhu, Y. Shi, C.S. Hu. Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization on Upland Rice based on Pot Experiments. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 39, 2008 (11): 1733–1749.

Y.Y. Wang, B. Zhu, Y.Q. Wang, M.R. Gao, X.M. Ma. N2O emission from Paddy Field under Different Rice Planting Modes. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences 11, 2006 (4): 989–996.

S. P. Qin, Y. Y. Wang, C.S. Hu, O. Oenema, X.X Li, Y.M. Zhang, W. X. Dong. Yield- scaled N2O emissions in a winter wheat summer corn double-cropping system. Atmospheric Environment 55, 2012: 240–244.

Academic activities

5th International Nitrogen Conference (3-7 December 2010, New Delhi, India) 9th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (June 3-7, 2013, Beijing, China)

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