Chen, Yizhao

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Research Insterests:
Terrestrial biogeochemical modeling
Terrestrial ecosystem in response to climatic change, especially in the arid/semi-arid areas
Regional graze effect on grassland ecosystem
Model uncertainty analysis

Nanjing Agriculture University Bachelor degree of pratacultural science, 2007-2011
Nanjing University PhD student of ecology, emphasis in global change ecology, terrestrial biogeochemical modeling, Expect graduation: June 2016

Chen Y.Z., Mu S.J., Sun Z.G., et al. Grassland Carbon Sequestration Ability in China: A New Perspective From Terrestrial Aridity Zones. Rangeland Ecology and Management. Accepted.
Chen Y.Z., Xia J.Y., Sun Z.G., et al. The role of residence time in diagnostic models of global carbon storage capacity: model decomposition based on a traceable scheme. Scientific Reports, under consideration.
Chen Y.Z., Mu S.J., Sun Z.G., et al. Quantitative assessment of water-use efficiency in Temperate Eurasian Steppe along an aridity gradient. Environmental Research Letters, Under consideration.
Gang C, Zhou W, Chen Y, et al. Quantitative assessment of the contributions of climate change and human activities on global grassland degradation[J]. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2014, 72(11): 4273-4282.
Mu, S. J., Y. Z. Chen, J. L. Li, W. M. Ju, I. O. A. Odeh, and X. L. Zou (2013a), Grassland dynamics in response to climate change and human activities in Inner Mongolia, China between 1985 and 2009, The Rangeland Journal, 35(3), 315-329.
Mu, S. J., S. X. Zhou, Y. Z. Chen, J. L. Li, W. M. Ju, and I. O. A. Odeh (2013b), Assessing the impact of restoration-induced land conversion and management alternatives on net primary productivity in Inner Mongolian grassland, China, Global and Planetary Change, 108, 29-41.
Gang C, Zhou W, Y.Z. Chen, et al. Assessing the Spatiotemporal Variation in Distribution, Extent and NPP of Terrestrial Ecosystems in Response to Climate Change from 1911 to 2000[J]. PloS one, 2013, 8(11): e80394.

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