Zhao, Hui

Member Profile

Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
University of Oklahoma
101 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, OK 73019-5300, USA
E-mail: zhaohui@imde.ac.cn

Research area
Ecological effects of climate change or human disturbance on wetland ecosystem; ecological planning and management systems

Academic appointment
Jul. 2011-present, Assistant professor, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

Sep. 2005-Jun.2011 M.D-Ph. D, Environmental Science, Beijing normal University

Sep. 2000-Jun. 2004 Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, China Petroleum University(East China)

2013.01-2015.12, National Natural Science Foundation 'Effects of frozen grassy hillock on plant community of alpine marsh wetland in North Tibetan Plateau' (No. 41201096), Leader

2011.07-2015.07, National Science and Technology Support Projects 'The effect of climate change on wetlands and risk assessment' (No. 2012BAC19B05), Main participant.

2008.10- 2011.06, the Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China 'Water environment effect of wetlands under the background of urbanization in Pearl River Estuary' (No. U0833002), Main participant.

2003.12-2008.10, National Basic Research Program of China 'Ecosystem changes and transboundary ecological security in the longitudinal range-gorge region (LRGR)' (No. 2003CB415104), Main participant.

List of Major Publications
Zhao Hui,Liu Weilong,Wang Xiaodan, et al.,Distribution of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen under different Water Conditions in Alpine Salty Wetlands, Northern Tibet Plateau. Journal of Mountain Science. 2014, 32(4): 431-437 (In Chinese).

Yanjiang Cai, Xiaodan Wang, Linlin Tian, Hui Zhao, Xuyang Lu, Yan Yan. The impact of excretal returns from yak and Tibetan sheep dung on nitrous oxide emissions in an alpine steppe on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 2014, 76: 90-99.

Weilong Liu, Hui Zhao, Xiaodan Wang, et al. Review and Evaluation of the Effect of the Climate Change on the High Altitude Wetland Ecosystem in Tibet Plateau. Journal of Mountain Science, 2014 32(4): 481-487 (In Chinese).

Yanjiang Cai, Ziyin Du, Xiaodan Wang, Hui Zhao, Yan Yan, Xuyang Lu. Effects of Excretal Returns on CH4 emissions from an alpine steppe soil in Northern Tibet, China. Journal of Mountain Science, 2014, 32(4): 393-400 (In Chinese).

Xiaoyun Fan, Baoshan Cui, Hui Zhao, Zhiming Zhang. Construction of River Channel-wetland Networks for Controlling Water Pollution in the Pearl River Delta, China. Clean – Soil, Air, Water, 2012, 40(10): 1064–1075

Zhao Hui, Cui Baoshan, Zhang Kejiang. The distribution of heavy metal in surface soils and their uptake by plants along roadside slopes in Longitudinal Range Gorge Region (LRGR), China. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2010, 61:1013–1023.

Zhao Hui, Cui Baoshan, Bai Junhong, Ren Huanli. Effects of the expressway on the Soil-Plant Systems in Longitudinal Range-Gorge Region. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2007, 52 (supp): 203-212.

Zhao Hui, Cui Baoshan, Zhang Honggang, Zhang Zhiming, Fan Xiaoyun. A landscape approach for wetland change detection (1979-2009) in the Pearl River Estuary. Procedia Environmental Sciences. 2010, 2: 1265-1278.

Cui Baoshan, Zhao Hui, Li Xia, et al. Temporal and spatial distributions of soil nutrients in Hani terraced paddy fields, Southwestern China. Procedia Environmental Sciences. 2010, 2: 1032-1042.

Zhao Hui, Cui baoshan, Zhai hongjuan, et al. The Ecological Restoration Potential of the Lancang River disturbed by hydropower development, China. 11th International Riversymposium. Australia, 2008. 09.

Zhao Hui, Cui baoshan. Ecological Potential for Restoration of Typical River Segment of Langcang River, China. Workshop on Ecological Effect of Hydro-Engineering, Nanjing, 2007.11

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