MAT 114 :: Quantitative Reasoning

In addition to this website, MAT 114 students should regularly check their class' BbLearn shell for updates, reminders, assignments, and resources. Your course's syllabus is posted within the BbLearn shell and it is important for all students to read through the syllabus carefully to ensure an understanding of course structure and requirements.

This Home page will provide announcements and reminders for all MAT 114 courses.

The Chapters page serves as the primary "textbook" for this course. Definitions, examples, explanatory videos and clarification of course content can be found in that section of this site.

The Webwork page provides links to the online homework system for this course.

The Exercises page contains additional, non-mandatory exercises for some sections (with solutions) to provide students extra opportunities to practice the methods discussed in the course.

The Projects page provides information regarding the assigned Projects throughout the semester.

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