Chapter One Introduction

Section 1A - Collecting Data
Section 1B - Displaying Data
Section 1C - Summarizing the Center of a Data Set
Section 1D - Summarizing the Spread of a Data Set

Chapter Two Introduction

Section 2A - Normal Distributions and Z-scores
Section 2B - Percentiles
Section 2C - Fundamentals of Probability
Section 2D - Further Topics in Probability
Section 2E - Expected Value
Section 2F - Margin of Error and Calculating Confidence Intervals
Section 2G - The Central Limit Theorem

Chapter Three Introduction

Section 3A - Fundamentals of Functions and Models
Section 3B - Comparing Linear and Exponential Models
Section 3C - Linear Models
Section 3D - Exponential Models
Section 3E - Further Examples

Chapter Four Introduction

Section 4A - Compound Interest
Section 4B - Savings and Loans
Section 4C - Further Topics in Finance

Chapter Five Introduction

Section 5A - Fundamentals of Graphs
Section 5B - Special Circuits
Section 5C - Scheduling

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