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The Other Wes Moore book coverTwo kids with the same name, living in the same city. One grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, decorated combat veteran, White House Fellow, and business leader. The other is serving a life sentence in prison for felony murder. Here is the story of two boys and the journey of a generation.

Following the story of the robbery, the author Wes, now sends a letter to the convicted Wes, tentatively asking the questions that had been haunting him: Who are you? How did this happen?

The first letter led to a relationship and the discovery that the other the other Wes had a life not unlike his own: Both had grown up in similar neighborhoods, had difficult childhoods, were fatherless, had hung out on the streets and had run into trouble with the police. At each stage of their young lives they had come across similar moments of decision, yet their choices and the people in their lives would lead them to astonishingly different destinies.

Told in alternating dramatic narratives that take readers from heart-wrenching losses to moments of surprising redemption, The Other Wes Moore tells the story of a generation of boys trying to find their way in a challenging and at times, hostile world.

More info at: http://theotherwesmoore.com/

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Author Wes Moore will be here October 4th - 7:00pm at Ardrey Auditorium. Tickets will be free but are required. Tickets available through the NAU central ticketing office.

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