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General research themes in the Ogle Lab include:

  • Functional ecology of North American trees
  • Linking individual- and species-specific tree functional traits to forest dynamics
  • Ecology of arid and semi-arid systems
  • Synthesis of long-term data to understand factors governing soil and ecosystem carbon dynamics
  • Effects of climate change and variability on terrestrial ecosystems
  • Linking above- and below-ground plant and ecosystem processes
  • Use of stable isotopes to partition plant and ecosystem processes
  • Modeling of plant and ecosystem processes
  • Bayesian statistical applications in ecology

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  • News for Spring 2018:

    Drew Peltier won the 2018 Research and Creative Activity NAU Award for Most Promising Graduate Student.

    Jessica Guo was awarded the 2018 Jerry O. Wolff Student Enrichment Scholarship from the Biology Department.

    Kimberly Samuels-Crow’s paper Temporal coupling of subsurface and surface soil CO2 fluxes: Insights from a non-steady state model and cross-wavelet coherence analysis was published in Biogeosciences.

    Michael Fell’s paper Multidimensional trait space informed by a mechanistic model of tree growth and carbon allocation was published in Ecosphere.

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