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The Backpack
The Backpack: A news source for parents and families of NAU students
Blank Blank
Vol. 6 No. 23 | February 2, 2010
Learning Assistant Center

In-Hall Tutoring

Could your student’s academic work be enhanced by tutoring in his or her residence hall? The Learning Assistance Center along with Residence Life offer conveniently located tutoring during the fall and spring semesters to students in all Freshman Connections residence halls. Even if your student is not a resident, he/she can access these services. Courses typically tutored are math, biology, chemistry, physics and some composition. The spring 2010 schedule offers a variety of options that might help your student today.

The Learning Assistance Center also offers Academic Success Workshops on successful note-taking, test taking, and test anxiety strategies in addition to text book reading strategies. If the current workshop schedule does not work for your student’s schedule, please encourage him/her to call the Study Skills Specialist at 928-523-5524 to schedule an individual appointment.

Tax Forms, Information, and Assistance

The Bursar’s Office offers a comprehensive webpage with tax related information and resources. If your student needs a copy of his/her 1098-T it can be requested via e-mail or your student may print out a copy of the form by logging into LOUIE and clicking on 1098-T forms under “Student Center.”

Gold Axe applications due March 10

Gold Axe Award

Encourage your outstanding graduating senior(s) to apply for the Gold Axe Award by 5 PM on March 10.

The Gold Axe Award is presented each semester to seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the university in academic performance, service, and extracurricular activities.

Applications can be downloaded from the Student Life web site, and can be submitted in one of three ways:

  1. By mail to the Office of Student Life, Box 6015, Flagstaff, AZ 86011
  2. In person at the Office of Student Life, University Union room 105
  3. As an e-mail attachment to Rick.Brandel@nau.edu

Students selected to receive the Gold Axe Award will be honored at a reception April 20, along with the faculty or staff members named as having the most significant impact on them during their undergraduate career.

The tradition of the Gold Axe Award dates back to 1933, a year after the student body adopted an axe as the symbol for Lumberjack athletics. Students selected for a Gold Axe Award also are eligible for the President’s Prize, considered the highest student recognition from the university.

Logging Sports

NAU Logging Sports Team

by Sean Bothman, Captain

The NAU Logging Sports team is part of the western conclave including Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Arizona. The team competes in axe events, target throwing, vertical and underhand chopping, crosscut saw events, "double buck" and "single buck" (2 sawyers and 1 sawyer), chainsaw events, the "hot saw," and the obstacle pole. The team also competes in other forestry-related events including plant identification and "cruising." Cruising involves a forester's measured or "chains" orienteering course in which the participant also must estimate tree heights and volumes. It is a common misconception that Logging Sports are strictly a men's sport; there are many women who participate collegiately, and women represent half of the NAU team.

The Logging Sports team is relatively unknown at NAU, returning in force last year after a hiatus of more than a decade, and often considered an athletic novelty. The team hopes to swell its following and level of credibility at NAU by performing well at the upcoming Logging Sports Conclave at CSU in Fort Collins, Colorado over spring break.

Snow in Flagstaff!

Deep snow in Flagstaff, Arizona

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Flagstaff was hit with one of the worst snow storms in recent history, accumulating nearly five feet of snow in some areas. Flagstaff is still recovering from the storm, with some businesses fixing collapsed roofs, and residents maneuvering around huge embankments of snow, some reaching as high as 20 feet.

While students enjoy the winter wonderland and beautiful powder conditions at the Snowbowl, portions of northern Arizona are still receiving aid under the State of Emergency declared by the President.

Health Tip: The Last Semester

by Melody Hicks, Counseling Center

For many students this will be their last semester - graduation looms large on the horizon as does the prospect of time off, new careers, travel, etc.

While excitement and anticipation is a reality with most students in their last semester of school, there are other emotions that may “pop up”:

Fear - These are students that may fear the future: not getting a job, not getting accepted into graduate school, etc. They may have grown very comfortable at college and moving away from college is frightening.

Lack of Motivation - These students are tired of school, grades, homework, etc. They just want to be done and move on with their lives. They find it hard to go to class and do their assignments.

Ready to Play - Some students are hoping parents will support them post-graduation in order to go play and have some down time. They may be spending more time planning the fun after graduation than working hard on their classes and keeping up their grades.

Stressed to the Max - There are students who are taking a heavy semester of classes. They also may be working, applying for career options, or graduate programs and feeling totally overwhelmed.

Of course, there are also students who are just doing fine and excited for their next phase of life to begin, but no matter how students may be functioning in their last semester, there is probably a need for support. Keep in mind that the Counseling Center offers services for students no matter where they might be in their journey through college.

Event Highlights (Tue, Feb 2–Mon, Feb 8, 2010)

♦ NAU Women's Club Volleyball Chili's Fundraiser Night - February 2 ONLY! — Eat at Chili’s in Flagstaff and a portion of your dining tab will be donated back to the team. You must download and present the flyer to participate.

♦ NAU Gymnastics Club Fundraiser Night - February 5 ONLY! — Choose to eat at Granny’s restaurant in Flagstaff (11 AM-10 PM) and 20% of your bill will be donated back to the team. Participants must present a flyer which can be picked up at the front desk of the Recreation Center or Intramural/Club Sports office.

♦ The College of Arts and Letters Classic Film Series continues to screen free films on Tuesday nights (with one exception,) at 7 PM in the Cline Assembly Hall until April 27. Thoughtful introductions and post-screening discussions add to the viewer’s understanding and experience. The film series is presented by the College of Arts and Letters, Cline Library, and the School of Communication, and hosted by Paul Ferlazzo and Paul Helford. Read film reviews about the series every Friday in the Arizona Daily Sun. The next film is Adventures of Robin Hood and will screen on February 2.

NAU Women’s Basketball competes against Northern Colorado on February 6
at 6:35 PM in the Skydome. This event is free to students with their JacksCard.

More event highlights can be seen at ShowUp Flagstaff.

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