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Vol. 7 No. 22 | March 1, 2011

Student Financial Aid Applications

The Office of Student Financial Aid will begin processing financial aid applications for the 2011-12 academic year soon and students should expect their financial aid award notifications in late March. All new incoming freshman, new transfer, and continuing dependent students will receive their award letter via regular mail. All continuing independent students will receive an e-mail to their university e-mail address.

To ensure timely processing of your student’s financial aid, please have your student check the following:

  • Login to LOUIE and check the To Do List to make sure all tasks are complete.
  • Check the preferred mailing address to make sure it is up to date.

Please have your student contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 928-523-4951 or with any questions. Having the student’s ID number on all is very helpful.

Parent's Scholarship Campaign

The Parent Leadership Council is conducting a calling campaign this month to raise funds for the Parent's Scholarship and special projects. Please expect a call from our very dedicated student employees. Thank you!

Alcohol Awareness During Spring Break

by Melody Hicks, MC, LPC, Counseling Center

Is it too soon to start thinking about spring break? Some students already have travel plans that include sunny and warm destinations and an entire week of nothing but fun.

Of course, that fun might include the availability of alcohol and even if a student is underage, he/she may decide to drink. Working with students who have been referred to the Substance Abuse Program at the Counseling Center, we have found that most students have no idea how many drinks it takes before there is impairment. We do not support underage drinking, but since we know it occurs, we want students to know how much is too much.

A blood alcohol content calculator is easy to use and can help you and your son/daughter talk about how many drinks can lead to impairment. To help your student to better understand how he/she may feel at the various blood alcohol and impairment levels, check out this website.

Even the best students and students who do not drink may be exposed to alcohol over spring break. Talking to your son or daughter and encouraging him/her to not drink is important and educating him/her about the effects of alcohol, should he/she drink, is essential.

Where is the campus shuttle?

Shuttle Tracking

The shuttle service is the best and most convenient way for students to travel around campus, even if they have a car. There are designated locations where students simply stand and wait to be picked up. During peak hours (7 AM to 4 PM), shuttles run every three minutes. Students can now track the shuttle to see exactly when they will be picked up and even download an application on their smart phones.

Your Questions Answered

by Crystal Nance, Parent and Family Services

Here are some frequently asked questions among parents and maybe you were wondering the same thing. If any questions ever arise, feel free to e-mail Parent and Family Services.

Q: My student needs to get to the airport. Is there a shuttle available for students needing transportation to the Flagstaff and Phoenix airport?

A: There is not a shuttle available to the Flagstaff airport, but a ride from a friend or a taxi will get your student there. While the university does not endorse a particular service, Arizona Shuttle offers service to Phoenix and Tucson.

Q: How are students alerted when there is an emergency on campus?

NAU Alert Logo

A: The NAU Alert system sends text messages to cell phones in case of an emergency, including weather-related closures. Additional phone numbers can be added so that another family member or friend can be notified. Encourage your student to visit the NAU Alert webpage to sign up for this free service.

Event Highlights

See a complete listing of university events on the official calendar website. Flagstaff event highlights can be seen at ShowUp Flagstaff and Flagstaff Happenings. More travel, dining, shopping, and event information is available from