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Campus Recreation Job Expo Campus Recreation Job Expo
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Vol. 7 No. 25 | March 29, 2011

Campus Recreation Employment Expo

Campus Recreation Services will be hosting two employment orientations and hiring expos on campus.

♦ Wednesday, March 30, 6–9 PM, Sycamore room, University Union

♦ Saturday, April 2, 11 AM–2 PM, Havasupai A/B room, University Union

If your student is looking for summer or fall employment and is interested in the recreation, sports, and fitness fields, please encourage him/her to attend.

Available positions include: summer camp youth leaders, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, front desk/weight room staff, custodial and maintenance crews, intramural sports officials, office staff, outdoors staff, lifeguards, and aquatic center staff.

This is an exciting opportunity for prospective student employees to strengthen workforce skills, expand professional and social networks, and deepen connections to campus!

Residence Life Community Building and Leadership Scholarship

The Residence Life Scholarship application is available. Ten scholarships worth $1,000 will be awarded and divided equally between semesters, $500 in the fall and $500 in the spring semester. For more information, eligibility criteria and application process details, visit The Office of Residence Life scholarship page.

Applications are due on Friday, April 1.

The Benefits of Internship Experiences

by Stephenie Jerome, Gateway Student Success Center

Participation in an internship is required for some degree programs; however, students should also consider it a valuable tool in strengthening their job prospects. Many of the skills that make a recent graduate stand out from other job candidates involve learning that does not necessarily happen in the classroom. Many internships allow college students to build skills in planning and managing projects, building professional relationships, and thinking globally about an organization’s impact—all skills that employers value above and beyond the degree earned.

Internship opportunities are often available by term and sometimes summer, with application deadlines occurring the previous term. Students can visit the Gateway Student Success Center for general assistance in searching for or securing an internship, including preparing your resume or brushing up on interview skills. For assistance with a specific area of interest, direct your student to the Internship Contact webpage.

Kyla Knutson

Student Spotlight: Kyla Knutson

Involved In Cancer Research - As An Undergraduate!

Kyla Knutson is working with professor of Biology Dr. Alison Adams on a project that is part of the Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention (PNACP), which recently received a $15.7 million grant from the National Cancer Institute. The PNACP is a collaboration among researchers at NAU and the University of Arizona aimed at reducing the burden of cancer suffered by Native Americans. Kyla has been growing cultures of yeast cells with unstable areas in specific chromosomes so that they can be used in cancer research.

Read the full story online.

Unity Week

Encourage your student to join in the celebration of Unity Week activities on April 4 and 5, sponsored by ASNAU.

Event highlights for the week include:

  • A performance by The Subterranean Underground on Monday, April 4 from 1–2 PM in the Amphitheater outside Starbucks
  • An interactive workshop “Project Connect” on Monday, April 4 from 7–8:30 PM in Cline Library that will allow students to experience an uplifting and courageous time and find what is blocking them from greater acceptance and connection with friends, family, partners, and community
  • Noel Kaleikalaunuoka’oia’i’o, Miss Indian NAU, will host the 1st Annual Indigenous Music Bash Info Session at 2 PM on Tuesday, April 5, on the Pedway, outside Starbucks
  • The HAPA Club will lead a Hawaiian celebration Tuesday, April 5 at 4:30 PM in the Amphitheater, outside Starbucks
  • At 6 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 1001 Black Inventions, a performance by PinPoints Theater, will show audience members what life would be like without the inventions of African Americans.

Event Highlights

♦ The Office of Residence Life is hosting an off-campus housing fair at The Union Point in the University Union on Wednesday, March 30 from 6-8 PM.

See a complete listing of university events on the official calendar website. Flagstaff event highlights can be seen at ShowUp Flagstaff and Flagstaff Happenings. More travel, dining, shopping, and event information is available from