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Vol. 7 No. 30 | May 3, 2011


Spring commencement exercises will take place on campus next week, May 13 and 14. Due to renovations at the Skydome, there will be five ceremonies held in a high-quality temporary structure, located in the P62B south campus parking area.

The deadline has passed for students to pick up their six guaranteed tickets.

Beginning May 2, 2011, students can pick up two (2) additional tickets per day for a maximum of six (6) additional tickets for the student's designated ceremony only. Please keep in mind that campus and the town will be busy throughout this weekend, so please plan accordingly. A map indicating traffic flow patterns is available on the graduation website.

Impounding Bicycles

Bicycles left in campus bike racks after move-out by students NOT staying for summer school or campus employment will be considered abandoned and impounded for disposal. Students remaining on campus must get a green bicycle tag from a residence hall director, the hall front desk, or the Office of Residence Life located in North Hall (bldg. 5), room 262.

With a green tag, bicycles will not be impounded over the summer. Bicycles may be donated directly to the Yellow Bike program by leaving the bicycle in the rack at move-out with an attached a yellow tag.

Any bicycles found without a green tag after May 30 will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of through NAU Property Surplus.

Private Mailboxes Available for Rent

NAU Postal and Shipping Services is now accepting reservations for private mailboxes for the summer session and 2011-12 academic year. There are 600 private mailboxes available and first priority will be given to current campus residents. The first 100 reservations receive a 10% discount on FedEx overnight services, e-mail notification when packages arrive, and will avoid a key deposit fee ($10 savings).

Rental fees are as follows:

  • Summer: $39
  • One Semester: $49
  • Two Semesters: $80
  • One Year: $100

Students can reserve a private mailbox at NAU Postal Services on north campus.

Massage Therapy from Campus Recreation Services

It's reading week at the university and your student may be experiencing a little extra stress as they work toward finishing up final projects and preparing for end-of-term exams. Massage therapy can assist with reducing stress, promote restful sleep, and refresh the sense of well-being. Encourage your student to consider scheduling a massage with a licensed therapist.

A 30-minute massage costs only $30 for students! Find additional information for booking an appointment and complete the form on Massage Therapy page of Campus Recreation Services.

Treat your student to a massage appointment today!

Jack Fact - Blackboard Learn

by Laura Gratta

Did you know that online courses are moving from Blackboard Vista to Blackboard Learn? All online courses should be delivered exclusively in Blackboard Learn by the spring 2012 semester. The move to Blackboard Learn is the result of a systematic evaluation by the Provost's Academic Computing Advisory Committee, which was charged with finding a new online learning management system since Blackboard Vista is being discontinued by the vendor. Students, faculty, and staff across campus tested courses and experimented with common tasks on the new system, which resulted in the choice of this system over Moodle.

Event Highlights

College of Arts and Letters Film Series presents Blazing Saddles on Tuesday, May 3 at 7 PM in Cline Assembly Hall.

See a complete listing of university events on the official calendar website. Flagstaff event highlights can be seen at ShowUp Flagstaff and Flagstaff Happenings. More travel, dining, shopping, and event information is available from