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Vol. 9 No. 29 | May 2, 2013.

Packing Up!

by Alicia Stewart Voytek, Housing and Residence Life

Residence halls will close at the end of the spring semester on Friday, May 10 at 10 AM. Students involved in commencement ceremonies will be allowed to stay until noon Sunday, May 12, with approval from their Residence Hall Director.

Helpful Hints to Prepare for Spring Closing

  1. Start packing now! Your daughter or son has probably accumulated more items than you realize, and there may not be enough free time during finals week to pack it all.
  2. Housing and Residence Life is working with the NAU Campus Climate group and local social service organizations to reuse and recycle student cast-offs at spring closing. Areas will be designated in each hall where students can donate the following items:
    • clothing, household goods, and small appliances
    • unopened, non-perishable food items
    • school supplies
    • medium to large home appliances and furnishings
  3. If something in your student's room is not working properly, your son or daughter should call F-IXED (928-523-4933) now to report it so we can have the item repaired.
  4. Roommates need to work together to prepare their room for check-out. Trash needs to be removed and the room cleaned prior to checking out with a staff member. Vacuums are available at the front desk of each hall.
  5. Your student's Resident Assistant (RA) will provide information related to checking out of the hall and how to schedule a time. At the time of check-out, the RA will come to your student's room to check the condition of the room, review any damages, and collect keys. Your student will then swipe his/her ID at the front desk to complete the check-out process.
  6. If your student has any questions related to spring closing, he/she should contact the RA or Residence Hall Director.
  7. Change of address forms are available at NAU Postal Services to ensure that mail is forwarded for the summer.
  8. Now is the time to pay any outstanding university charges. Your student should check his/her LOUIE account to view remaining charges and to avoid additional late fees.
  9. For students spending the summer in Flagstaff, summer housing is available. Students are eligible to live on campus for the summer if they are registered for summer classes OR pre-registered for fall classes. Students wanting to live on campus this summer need to complete a summer housing application. Find out more about summer halls, dates, rates, and how to apply by visiting the Housing and Residence Life website.

Have a great summer!

May is National Bike Month!

With stressful schedules and summer on every one's mind, it's a great time to get outside, move around, and pedal away. National Bike Month provides plenty of opportunities and activities to encourage students to get pedaling. There's no better place to get started (or keep cycling!) than campus and the Flagstaff community. NAU is continually recognized for being a Bike Friendly University; with resources like the Bike HUB, free repair stations around campus, and the Yellow Bike Program, it is easy to see why.

Check out some ways to incorporate Bike Month into a busy schedule and help encourage students to keep moving their muscles and explore the many modes of campus transportation!

Partner Exercises to Make Fitness Fun

Amy Phillips, Campus Recreation Services

Maintaining the motivation to work out can be a big hurdle to staying fit. One key is to make exercise fun. Exercise is traditionally defined as physical activity that serves a purpose, typically with external motivation (for example: losing weight, toning up, boosting sports performance, adding muscle, or improving health). Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to make exercise more fun, and one is to partner up!

Not only does partner training build adherence to exercise, it can be just the incentive you need to get to the gym. Working out with a partner during exercise can promote physical, mental, and emotional transformation while becoming lost in the moment, spending quality time with your sweetie or friends, all while helping one another stay healthy and fit!


Partner exercises utilizing the BOSU® Balance Trainer (pictured above) have the following benefits:

- Re-focus on integrated movement, not isolated action at a joint
- Experience unpredictable movement challenges
- Help develop the ability to stabilize and generate power from the core
- Utilize movement patterns that have a high transfer to daily life and sport
- Provide a chance to interact, have fun, and accomplish a fabulous workout

For more information about BOSU® and other great ways to get in a workout, visit Campus Recreation Services.

Event Highlights

  • School of Art Faculty Exhibition at the NAU Art Museum from May 7 - May 31. Opening reception will be on May 9 from 5 PM to 7 PM.
  • Flagstaff New Music Marathon. SOUNDS on May 3, 7:30 PM at Ardrey Memorial Auditorium; P-U-R-P-L-E on May 4, 8 PM at Ardrey Memorial Auditorium; "The Minor Etudes" on May 5, 10 AM at Ashurt Hall.

See a complete listing of university events on the official university calendar website. More Flagstaff event highlights can be seen at Flagstaff 365.