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Family Winter Weekend Family Winter Weekend
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Vol. 10 No. 25 | February 11, 2014

Parent to Parent

by Shannon Clark, Parent and Family Services Coordinator

Now that winter has returned to the mountain campus, I hope you are making your plans to spend Family Winter Weekend with your student February 28-March 2 and enjoy some of the events planned especially for you. I'm particularly excited to highlight the NAU Women's Basketball team in their game against Weber State on Saturday night, March 1, 2013 at 6:30 PM. If you haven't seen the Women play you are in for an evening of fast paced, exciting basketball! Did you know the Lumberjacks score an average of 78 points per game, making them 3rd in the Big Sky Conference?

All tickets are only $3 and students are free (as usual). As a special treat for you we will be providing FREE hotdogs, popcorn, and soft drinks for the first 300 fans (or for as long as the food lasts) starting at 5:30 PM. Get there early for other giveaways and prizes. Enter the dome at the regular entry doors and make your way to the south end zone on the dome floor. We hope to see you there as we cheer on the Jacks!

Visit our website for more Family Winter Weekend events and details.

Avoid The Flu This Season

by Melissa Griffin, MA, CAGS, Health Promotion Manager

Well it's official: the flu is here and is widespread across Arizona. We have recently had many confirmed cases of the flu on campus. College students are at higher risk for contracting the flu due to their high density living quarters.

As a service to our students, Campus Health Services makes getting the flu vaccine easy. We administer flu shots on a walk-in basis, no appointment required, from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, with the exception of Wednesdays when the hours are 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The cost of the vaccine is $20, but it is FREE for those with the Gold Plan, Student Health Insurance, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Other health plans may apply. Please contact Medical Services at 928-523-2131 for additional information or questions about insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT too late to get a flu shot.

Meanwhile, please encourage your student to heed the following recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in order to stay healthy for the remainder of the flu season.

  1. Get a flu shot! This is the single best way to prevent seasonal flu.
  2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  3. If possible, stay home when you are sick.
  4. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or arm when coughing or sneezing (not your hand!).
  5. Wash your hands often, preferably with soap and water. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer in a pinch.
  6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  7. Give your immune system a boost by practicing overall good health habits including, but not limited to: getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, getting daily exercise, managing your stress, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating a nutritious diet.

Student wellness is our primary objective. If you have any questions about this or other preventative health information, please visit us online.

Dining For The Love of Food

by Casey Fisher, MS, Campus Dining

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." --George Bernard Shaw

We eat to fuel our bodies, but the social and emotional significance of food may play a larger role in our food choices and eating behaviors than we realize. For college students, many of whom are living away from home for the first time in their lives, greater autonomy also comes with increased demands, stresses, and the responsibility for their personal health. When "stressed," students may consume certain foods as a source of psychological comfort. Whether it's the nostalgic, sentimental feelings evoked by the food, or the feeling of indulgence or physical comfort, there is a strong relationship between emotions, memory, and food preferences.

While comfort foods are often associated with higher carbohydrate, fat, and sugar or sodium content - there is a new class of "comfort foods" gaining popularity. The main players in this class are usually relatively un-processed, simple, fresh "whole foods." Naturally enhanced flavor comes from the freshness and diversity of ingredients while a feeling of fullness is achieved from foods filled with fiber such as legumes, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, apples, almonds, or even hot cereals like oatmeal. Fruits such as oranges provide vitamin C which helps lower cortisol levels, and the folic acid in asparagus (and other vegetables) provides a mood-enhancing effect.

Even some of our favorite treats can be beneficial in moderation. Chocolate helps lower blood pressure, adding to a calm feeling, and Chamomile tea creates a soothing effect and promotes sleep. These are natural (and more healthful) ways your student can find comfort in food - all of which can be found right here on campus, in the Hot Spot and the DüB!

NAU Bookstore

by Andrew Polo

Now that your student has purchased their textbooks, it's time to check out our large selection of merchandise. We carry art supplies, general books, snacks, and computer products. We also have the largest selection of university merchandise available.

Looking for a gift for your student or a hint for your student's sweetheart? We have teddy bears that say "I ♥ NAU."

Having trouble keeping warm this February? We have hooded sweatshirts available in six awesome colors for only $19.95. Show your school spirit by pairing it with your favorite jeans.

Or treat your student with our Apple Valentine's Day Bundle. This special includes a MacBook Pro 13" 2.5GHz, Microsoft Office, Incase sleeve, surge suppressor, ethernet cable, 4GB flash drive, and computer lock. Regular retail price is $1,419, NAU Bookstore price is only $1,119--you save $300! Already have a computer? Upgrade or repair an older Mac with one of our Apple Authorized Service Technicians.

Drop by for a visit today and let our friendly staff help you find exactly what you need.


Parents, sign in to My Student Body to learn more about this complete alcohol, drug, and wellness program at Northern Arizona University.

Passcode: nauparent

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