Studies of Middle Jurassic Page Sandstone


The Middle Jurassic Page Sandstone is one of the most thoroughly studied eolian rock units in the world. Excellent exposures and ten years of intensive study have yielded vast amounts of data and generated comprehensive interpretations. The Page Team, funded in part by a colloborative NSF grant to Gary Kocurek (Univ. of Texas-Austin) and Ron Blakey (NAU), included MS candidates Mark Capps, Dave King, and Larry Jones (NAU), and Chris Swazey and Julia Knight (UTA), and PhD candidate Karen Havholm (UTA). References to these theses and publications resulting from the Page studies are listed below. Several key graphics that demonstrate various aspects of the Page Sandstone and related Carmel Formation are accessable in the graphics section below.

Page Sandstone graphics

Page Sandstone references

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