Panel Cross Sections Showing Geologic History of Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase

The panels and text are arranged from oldest geologic history to youngest. Geology is simplified and emphasis is on the sequence of geologic events and processes.

Stratigraphic Column
  • Stratigraphic Column Along South Kaibab Trail

    Panels arranged by geologic age
  • 1. PreVishnu Sedimentation
  • 2. Folding, Intrusion, Metamorphism of Vishnu Schist and Related Rocks
  • 3. Mountain Building and Uplift
  • 4. Erosion of Vishnu Mountains
  • 5. Younger Precambrian Sedimentation and Volcanism
  • 6. Younger Precambrian Faulting and Erosion
  • 7. Phanerozoic Sedimentation
  • 8. Cenozoic Uplift and Folding
  • 9. Canyon Cutting
  • 10. Pleistocene Volcanism

    Panels all on one page without text; oldest at top, youngest at base.

  • All panels on one page

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