Regional Paleogeography

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    Use of Maps

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    This presentation uses a series of paleogeographic and plate-tectonic reconstructions to show the broad patterns of Phanerozoic Earth history. Subject matter ranges from the scale of continents, to parts of continents, to orogens. Organization for each region is in geologic order from oldest to youngest.

    North American Paleogeography

    40 images track the geologic evolution of North America.

    Paleogeography of Colorado Plateau Region

    Detailed paleogeography of Colorado Plateau, Southern Rocky Mountains, and portions of Basin and Range.

    Paleogeographic evolution of SW North America

    Basins, uplifts, tectonic evolution, and paleogeography of greater Ancestral Rocky Mountains.

    Mesozoic Paleogeography and Terrane Accretion

    Controversial assembly of Western North America during Mesozoic.

    Tertiary Paleogeography, Central Arizona

    Tectonism, volcanism, sedimentation, and paleogeography of the Mogollon Rim and adjacent central Arizona.

    Old-School Regional Maps

    Older, lower-resolution maps of Europe, Asia, North Atlantic, and global spheres. Many of these maps will be replaced by new maps in the future.