Regional Paleogeography

Please Note

My four regional paleogeographic map series are now at Colorado Plateau Geosystems' DEEP TIME MAPS Website

These four series consist of maps that cover most of Europe, all of North America, Southwestern North America, and the Western Interior Seaway (Jurassic and Cretaceous) of North America. A few small samples are shown below. Several other regional and some older global maps are also below.

Western Interior Seaway -- Middle Campanian

Southwestern North America -- Early Jurassic

Southwestern North America -- Late Pennsylvanian

Additional Paleogeography

Mesozoic Paleogeography and Terrane Accretion

Controversial assembly of Western North America during Mesozoic.

Tertiary Paleogeography, Central Arizona

Tectonism, volcanism, sedimentation, and paleogeography of the Mogollon Rim and adjacent central Arizona.

Old-School Regional Maps

Older, lower-resolution maps of Europe, Asia, North Atlantic, and global spheres. Many of these maps will be replaced by new maps in the future.