News Briefs

Big horn sheep in the Sonoran Desert.  Photo: Southern Arizona Guide

3/3/15. A group of research scientists from NAU’s Landscape Conservation Initiative studied the... read more
Prairie dogs have a complex language to communicate with each other
3/2/15. NAU Professor Emeritus Con Slobodchikoff’s decades-long research on prairie dogs is... read more

Ann Collier

2/26/15. For people who work with textiles to create art, whether it’s knitting, quilt making, or... read more

Needles of the Black Hills Spruce. Photo: Courtesy of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture.

2/25/15. In her article “New Hope for Beetle-killed Landscapes” for High Country News,... read more

Student Research

NAU students will compete in 2016 wind competition
Northern Arizona University is one of 12 teams selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to participate in its second Collegiate Wind Competition. The Collegiate Wind Competition challenges teams of... read more

Faces of Research

John Georgas joined the faculty of Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2008 when he realized that a university with an even balance of research and teaching “proved to be very hard to find. NAU is unique in that sense,” he said, adding, “I am always surrounded by very smart colleagues and students. It’s a great working environment, with a diversity of... read more

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