News Briefs

Baby boomers are receptive to getting health care information from websites, email, texts, medical video conferencing, and automated call centers.

Baby boomers are receptive to using health-information websites. Photo:

5/28/15. To what degree are baby boomers ready for, or are currently embracing, specific consumer... read more
Smoke can help some plant seeds germinate

Beardlip Penstemon in the Coconino National Forest.  Photo:

5/21/15. Smoke is a complicated substance. Most people who live in or near western forests have a... read more
Researchers note escalating violence against female migrants

Women crossing the border into the United States.  Photo: The Huffington Post.

5/18/15. According to a qualitative research study in the May 2015 journal Violence against Women,... read more
NAU hydrogeologist studies springs

NAU hydrogeologist Abe Springer at Griffith's Spring near Flagstaff. Photo: KNAU/Bonnie Stevens

5/8/15. Springs might be small in size, but they support an abundance of plants and animals. Now, a... read more

Student Research

NAU students design traveling exhibit and website about the Holocaust

A panel from the traveling exhibit.  Photo: Ryan Belnap

"We wanted people to see a face rather than a number when thinking of the victims of the Holocaust. I became emotionally invested in the narratives we read,” Gabriella Perez-Mendoza, NAU student... read more

Faces of Research

The level of carbon contained within Arctic and Subarctic northern soils is about four times greater than the sum of human-caused carbon emissions in the modern era. The release of even a fraction of this carbon could significantly impact the trajectory of global climate change. One of the world’s leading ecosystem ecologists working to determine the current and... read more

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