Rice field

Research links rice agriculture to global warming through methane production. Photo: International Rice Research Institute.

This article is part of a series that  features new research centers and institutes at Northern Arizona University. These research hubs foster cutting-edge research and/or... more
NAU Professor Teki Sankey with drone

Assistant Research Professor Temuulen “Teki” Sankey holds a fully-functional miniature version of her custom-engineered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The full-sized drone measures six feet across and is equipped with both a hyperspectral camera and a lidar scanner for high-resolution imaging. Photo: Monica Saaty, NAU IDEA Lab.

For remote sensing ecologist Temuulen “Teki” Sankey, the acquisition of a low-flying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) brings high-tech, high-resolution imaging closer to home.Using... more
The Office of the Vice President for Research has announced the availability of a new high-performance computing cluster to the NAU research community. Named Monsoon, the cluster... more
Are microorganisms in Antarctica

Are microorganisms in Antarctica native or visitors from other continents? Dr. Schwartz uses his own testing model to find the answer.

Imagine being able to hold an entire ecosystem in the palm of your hand. There are only a small number of places on Earth where this is possible—Antarctica is one of them. On this... more
A bird flapping its wings or a fish’s deep dive may be pictures of nature in action, but in their elegant simplicity Michael Shafer sees the complex challenges of merging... more

News Briefs

Scotch broom and Douglas fir trees.

Scotch broom can influence soil organisms and affect the health of trees, such as Douglas fir, seen here in the background.

Northern Arizona University’s (NAU’s) Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research received a three-year, $720,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to examine the persistent effects of... read more
Uranium researchers at NAU

Uranium researchers at NAU: Dr. Diane Stearns (left) and nursing student Janice Wilson

A sudden increase in cases on the Navajo Nation of extreme sensitivity to sunlight might have a link to uranium exposure, say researchers at Northern Arizona University (NAU).Although the incidence... read more
NAU Professor Paul Keim studies superbugs.

Paul Keim, NAU professor of biology and the Cowden Endowed Chair in Microbiology, at work in his lab.

The man who cracked the DNA code in the deadly anthrax letter attacks is going after superbugs.NAU's most famous DNA detective, Dr. Paul Keim, is using his microbial forensics to take down E. coli,... read more

Through the Lens

Student Research

NAU student studies threatened species of owls

Serra Hoagland brings together tribal knowledge and western science in her study of owls.

Serra Hoagland researches ways to save the Mexican Spotted Owl. Serra Hoagland, a PhD student in forestry, is merging Native American land-management techniques with Western science in her... read more

Faces of Research

What if muscle movement could be restored after paralysis?

What if we could build prosthetic devices that more closely mimicked a living limb?

What if amusement park rides could create the illusion of real animals?

These are some possibilities that could come out of the muscle research that Regents’ Professor Kiisa Nishikawa and her colleagues... read more

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