NAU professor has identified a crystal seal once used by the prophet Mani

NAU Professor of Comparative Cultural Studies Zsuzsanna Gulacsi has identified a rock crystal seal once used by the prophet Mani to authenticate his writings. It is housed in the National Library of France.

Imagine finding something that once belonged to Jesus or the historical Buddha.  Imagine the preciousness of such a discovery not only for the religious faithful but also for... more
E. Coli often presents itself in the urinary tract.

Artistic representation of E. coli and the urinary tract. Image: Baliga Diagnostics

E. coli is commonly thought of as a gut bug, but many times it presents itself in the urinary tract. Now, NAU and TGen researchers are studying how the germ gets there.Paul Keim,... more
New patent for flu test
The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and Northern Arizona University (NAU) have been awarded a patent for a test that can detect—and assist in the treatment of—the... more
Ionic liquids could help fight skin infections

Illustration of bacteria encapsulated in a biofilm in the skin. (Credit: Peter Allen, UCSB)

Nearly 80 percent of human skin infections can be traced to harmful bacteria huddled beneath a biofilm, a protective layer formed by microorganisms that acts as a shield and makes... more
Rice field

Research links rice agriculture to global warming through methane production. Photo: International Rice Research Institute.

This article is part of a series that  features new research centers and institutes at Northern Arizona University. These research hubs foster cutting-edge research and/or... more

News Briefs

Arizona curious are popular with tourists

Arizona souvenirs. Photo courtesy of


Kristen Swanson, Ph.D., a professor of Strategic Communication at Northern Arizona University, has been researching tourism retailing and souvenirs for the past 20 years. Her research helps Northern... read more
New app could help monitior use of sanitizers in health-care settings.

NAU Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Omar Badreldin with students Duke Ayers and Ian Humphrey pose with a hand sanitizer like those placed throughout health-care settings.


Hospitals and infections are a deadly combination. A small team on the Northern Arizona University campus has created a computer-based application to reduce the spread of infection in clinical... read more
NAU Regents' Professor Paul Beier

Dr. Paul Beier is a highly respected expert on conservation biology and wildlife ecology.

According to the 2014 Living Planet Report by the World Wildlife Fund, 52 percent of the world's wildlife populations have disappeared since 1970. This loss of biodiversity globally happens at even... read more

Through the Lens

Student Research

Student goes to Madagascar to study spread of plague between humans.

Cedar Mitchell, left, with faculty mentors David Wagner and Dawn Birdsell. Mitchell adapted Birdsell's genetic fingerprinting technology to use in Madagascar.

Cedar Mitchell, a senior at Northern Arizona University, is traveling to Madagascar in January, 2015, to work with scientists using NAU technology to better understand origins of that country’s... read more

Faces of Research

John Georgas joined the faculty of Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2008 when he realized that a university with an even balance of research and teaching “proved to be very hard to find. NAU is unique in that sense,” he said, adding, “I am always surrounded by very smart colleagues and students. It’s a great working environment, with a diversity of... read more

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