News Briefs

NAU soil expert studies beneficial communities of fungi and their effects on the health of pinyon-juniper.

NAU biology professor Catherine Gehring combines field and laboratory experiments with microscopic and molecular analysis of fungal communities.  

8/28/15. Genetics are thought to play a significant role in why some pinyon pines survive drought,... read more
Skunk at a bird feeder in northern Arizona.

Skunk at a bird feeder. Photo: Northern Arizona Audubon.

08/18/15. NAU researchers have partnered with northern Arizona communities in an effort to learn... read more
NAU contributes research data to fighting lyme disease
08/03/15NAU is part of a project with the goal of creating an accurate diagnostic test for Lyme... read more
How plants and animals can alter ecosystems

Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Outdoor Center

07/21/2015 Introducing a species into an ecosystem can have ecological and evolutionary... read more

Student Research

New 3D technology is helping archaeologists preserve historic sites.

NAU Professor Chris Downum and his students are using terrestrial photogrammetry to preserve the ancient Sinaguan site Tsopki Pueblo (Antelope House) near Wupatki National Monument. Photo: Chris Downum.

Northern Arizona University archaeology students are using 3D technology to make a historic record of a deteriorating pueblo known as Tsöpki, or Antelope House. Chris Downum, NAU anthropology... read more

Faces of Research

If you visit a volcano, there’s a good chance you’ll find Michael Ort, a volcanologist, there too. Ort, NAU Professor in the School of Earth Sciences and Sustainability, has spent the majority of his life studying volcanoes in areas ranging from Arizona to Italy, South America, and beyond, with a particular emphasis on explosive volcanic eruptions.

“What I’m... read more

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