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Photo Courtesy of Buffalo Outdoor Center

07/21/2015 Introducing a species into an ecosystem can have ecological and evolutionary... read more

Image Courtesy of North Country Public Radio

07/10/15 Researchers slogging through a tangle of sensors, motors and algorithms face a challenging... read more
Birds, such as the Pygmy Nuthatch, are likely to be adversely affected by climate change.

The Pygmy Nuthatch is one of the species of birds likely to lose a substantial amount of its range due to climate change. Photo: Courtesty of 

6/22/15. A team of ecologists at Northern Arizona University has been studying the projected... read more
Experiments show that it may be possible to reverse decades of sandbar declines.

Northern Arizona University geologist Joe Hazel with a sonar image of a section of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Hazel's river mapping work in the Grand Canyon has been used by the U.S. Geological Survey to measure how the river's sandbars are affected by controlled floods from Glen Canyon Dam. Photo: Jake Bacon, Arizona Daily Sun

6/15/15. Each fall, Northern Arizona University geologist Joe Hazel and a team of about 20 others... read more

Through the Lens

Student Research

NAU students design traveling exhibit and website about the Holocaust

A panel from the traveling exhibit.  Photo: Ryan Belnap

"We wanted people to see a face rather than a number when thinking of the victims of the Holocaust. I became emotionally invested in the narratives we read,” Gabriella Perez-Mendoza, NAU student... read more

Faces of Research

The level of carbon contained within Arctic and Subarctic northern soils is about four times greater than the sum of human-caused carbon emissions in the modern era. The release of even a fraction of this carbon could significantly impact the trajectory of global climate change. One of the world’s leading ecosystem ecologists working to determine the current and... read more

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