News Briefs

Photo of a night sky as part of the SkyGlow project

Photo: Harun Mehmedinovic

4/24/15. For centuries, starscapes have reminded humans that they are part of something greater... read more
Blister rust on the Southwestern pine.

White Pine blister rust.

4/23/15. The Southwestern White Pine is under attack from a parasite. Almost all the trees infected... read more
4/16/15. Do students do better in a classroom setting or online?  That’s what NAU faculty members... read more
Arctic permafrost will melt over decades

Arctic permafrost.

4/10/15. Modern climate change is often attributed to human activities as a result of fossil fuel... read more

Student Research

NAU undergraduates will showcase their scholarly work on April 24, 2015.
More than 1,000 students from across the university will showcase their scholarly achievements in research, creativity, service learning, and collaborative projects on Friday, April 24, 2015, during... read more

Faces of Research

The level of carbon contained within Arctic and Subarctic northern soils is about four times greater than the sum of human-caused carbon emissions in the modern era. The release of even a fraction of this carbon could significantly impact the trajectory of global climate change. One of the world’s leading ecosystem ecologists working to determine the current and... read more

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