News Briefs

1/29/16—The portrayal of characters with disabilities in movies often earns critical acclaim: Think... read more

Recent images of Pluto captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft are raising questions. (Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

1/20/16—After the triumph of technology that led a spacecraft to Pluto, David Trilling turned to... read more

The inner workings of NAU’s atomic force microscope.

1/15/16—In a concrete bunker set upon bedrock on the Northern Arizona University campus lies an... read more

About 1.7 billion years ago, the light-colored Zoroaster granite intruded the Vishnu Schist, shown here.

1/15/16—A new online map released by the Arizona Geological Survey highlights geology research done... read more

Student Research

NAU student at poster fair during her 2015 summer internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NAU astronomy and physics major Sierra Ferguson displays her research at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's intern poster fair during her 2015 summer internship. 

Children grow up with career aspirations inspired out of innocence, and Sierra Ferguson was no different from the rest.But the paths to ballerina or veterinarian led nowhere near the destinations... read more

Faces of Research

As global temperatures increase, fragile ecosystems across the world are facing drastic changes, such as more extreme forest fires and increasingly severe droughts. Dr. Michelle Mack, a professor at NAU’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (ECOSS) and a recognized leader in plant and ecosystem ecology, is researching how global climate change is affecting... read more

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