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French lentil salad

French lentil salad. Photo:

3/26/15. A vegan diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, various legumes, nuts, and... read more


3/19/15. Farmers who can’t or won’t use nitrogen fertilizer may find that increasing earthworm... read more
The red-cockaded woodpecker lives in low-density longleaf pine forests

The red-cockaded woodpecker is on the federal endangered species list. Photo: Danny Bales, National Wildlife Federaetion.

3/17/15. A team of scientists, including NAU biology professors Bruce Hungate and George Koch—... read more
3/16/15. There is a reason why audiences can’t figure out magic tricks.  It is the illusionist’s... read more

Student Research

NAU undergraduates will showcase their scholarly work on April 24, 2015.
More than 1,000 students from across the university will showcase their scholarly achievements in research, creativity, service learning, and collaborative projects on Friday, April 24, 2015, during... read more

Faces of Research

The level of carbon contained within Arctic and Subarctic northern soils is about four times greater than the sum of human-caused carbon emissions in the modern era. The release of even a fraction of this carbon could significantly impact the trajectory of global climate change. One of the world’s leading ecosystem ecologists working to determine the current and... read more

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