News Briefs

NAU biologists gather pine cones for an experiment to see if they'll grow in warmer, drier conditions.
9/18/15. Tree climbing scientists are going to great heights to find pine genes with the perfect... read more
Leaving bird seed out for backyard avian visitors is likely to attract non-targeted animals, such as skunks.

Skunks eating bird seed that birds tossed out of a backyard bird feeder. Photo: Northern Arizona Audubon.

9/4/15. Leaving cat food out for feral and domestic cats and bird seed for backyard avian visitors... read more
NAU researchers get grant to study climate science in the Arctic

Denali National Park.

8/31/15. Northern Arizona University’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society will receive nearly... read more
NAU soil expert studies beneficial communities of fungi and their effects on the health of pinyon-juniper.

NAU biology professor Catherine Gehring combines field and laboratory experiments with microscopic and molecular analysis of fungal communities.  

8/28/15. Genetics are thought to play a significant role in why some pinyon pines survive drought,... read more

Student Research

NAU student at poster fair during her 2015 summer internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NAU astronomy and physics major Sierra Ferguson displays her research at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's intern poster fair during her 2015 summer internship. 

Children grow up with career aspirations inspired out of innocence, and Sierra Ferguson was no different from the rest.But the paths to ballerina or veterinarian led nowhere near the destinations... read more

Faces of Research

As global temperatures increase, fragile ecosystems across the world are facing drastic changes, such as more extreme forest fires and increasingly severe droughts. Dr. Michelle Mack, a professor at NAU’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (ECOSS) and a recognized leader in plant and ecosystem ecology, is researching how global climate change is affecting... read more

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