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Francesco Geminiani 1680?-1762

Violin virtuoso and composer Geminiani promoted the Italianate style and technique of his teachers, Corelli and A. Scarlatti. Tartini referred to the flighty and emotional composer as 'il furibondo Geminiani. Geminiani was active as a teacher and performer in London from 1714 where he quickly earned a reputation for his dazzling technique. He once agreed, conditionally, to a request that he perform on the violin if Handel would accompany him. From 1733 until his death Geminiani lived in Dublin. Most of Geminiani's compositions are concerti for violin. His greatest legacy was his Art of Playing the Violin (London, 1730), published in English, and the first book of its kind (twenty-two years before Leopold Mozart's Violinschule).

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