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Homework Assignment 6

From your reading and listening for week 5 and week 6, answer the following questions. Please phrase your answers in your own words (don't use internet copy). Type your answers directly into the form below then push the send button (located below the last question).
  1. In one sentence, what is noteworthy about the
    cm fugue (WTC book I)?

  2. In two or three sentences, what is special about the
    E-flat Major fugue (WTC book II)

  3. List the PARTS of a fugue. Does every fugue have every
    one of these parts? To answer this and the remaining questions,
    you may wish to refer to the Anatomy of a Fugue.

  4. List the MAIN SECTIONS of a fugue. Does every fugue employ
    every one of these sections?

  5. List the techniques for CONTRAPUNTAL VARIATION
    in a fugue. Does every fugue employ every one of
    these techniques?

  6. After listening to it, what did your reading indicate was
    the first step one should take in analyzing a fugue?

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