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Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach 1759-1845

The only one of Johann Sebastian's grandsons to achieve fame as a composer, Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst was the son of Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach. To put his life and work into context, Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst was born when Mozart was three and died when Brahms was three.

In 1843, Robert Schumann described WFE Bach as being "a very agile old gentleman of 84 years with snow-white hair and expressive features." Their meeting took place on 23 April 1843 at the unveiling of the Bach monument which was donated to the city of Leipzig by Felix Mendelssohn. WFE came to Leipzig for the occasion with his wife and  two daughters. No one had known anything about him, not even Mendelssohn who had spent many years in Berlin and knew so much about Bach's family. WFE Bach's mother was the Bückeburg court singer Lucia Elizabeth Munchhausen, herself a great-great-granddaughter of the composer Johann Grabbe who, along with Heinrich Schutz, studied under Giovanni Gabrieli. It is believed that WFE Bach was the last of the musical members of this amazing clan.

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