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Goals and History

ACC Goals:

In fulfillment of its mission, the primary goals of the Academic Chairs Council are to:

  • insure that chairs and directors of degree granting programs (hereinafter, “chairs”) receive timely information regarding issues and developments affecting NAU;
  • provide chairs with a forum within which to discuss their common experiences and to exchange useful information about strategies for best serving their respective departments;
  • facilitate communication between faculty, chairs, and administration;
  • facilitate and improve working conditions for chairs;
  • provide a supportive forum for discussion of challenges facing chairs at NAU; and
  • initiate proposals of issues of concern to academic departments and epartment chairs to faculty governance committees.

ACC History:

  • NAU chairs first came together informally in 1996 to create a forum for chairs to discuss their common experiences and challenges.
  • In Spring 2002 the ACC received administrative recognition as part of the governance structure of NAU.
  • As a part of the formal NAU governance structure the ACC acquired a formal reporting relationship with and receives budgetary support from the Office of the Provost.

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