Chris' Bizarre Boats page

This page is dedicated to some of the strange boats in the world.

This 14' boat was for sale at and was from Minnesota.


This houseboat picture was posted on WaynesWords.












This boat was for sale on ebay with the following description.  Starting bid was $1,350.

This is what every fisherman should have.  No more walking or driving  on the ice and the risk of breaking through with your vehicle.  If you break through the ice,  this ice scratcher(boat) will float and keep your hiney out of the freezing water.    It is a 14 foot flat bottom boat on skies powered by a 6 1/2 horse engine that runs a 2 foot spiked wheel that pushes the boat across the ice.  It travels approx. 25 MPH now but you can gear it easily to go faster or slower.   I use it on the Mississippi backwaters on the frozen sloughs and lakes.  It's great when you need to travel a long distance on early or late ice or any ice for that matter.  It can haul 3-4 adults and gear easily.  Comes with a used jiffy artic blast ice auger.  Happy Holidays, Randy


I have no idea where this is from.  A friend just emailed me the picture with the subject 'Redneck Bass Boat'