Upper Lake Mary February 12, 2005

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Some pictures of the lake after a major rain storm.  We got 1.9 inches of rain in Flagstaff over of couple of days.


Looking from the dam into Lower Lake Mary.

Gushing-to-Lower-Lake-1.jpg (328507 bytes)Gushing-to-Lower-Lake-2.jpg (316248 bytes)


From the parking lot between the first two boat ramps.

Towards-Dam-from-Parking.jpg (327055 bytes)U.L.M.-1-Parking.jpg (335313 bytes)U.L.M.-2-Parking.jpg (335261 bytes)U.L.M.-3-Parking.jpg (329495 bytes)


Water overflowing the spillway.

U.L.M.-Spillway-1.jpg (324643 bytes)U.L.M.-Spillway-2.jpg (322705 bytes)U.L.M.-Spillway-3.jpg (321278 bytes)U.L.M.-Spillway-4.jpg (323221 bytes)U.L.M.-Spillway-5.jpg (327275 bytes)U.L.M.-Spillway-6.jpg (329962 bytes)