About the e-Learning Center


The e-Learning Center helps faculty

  • Create engaging and effective face-to-face, blended, and online courses
  • Transform teaching and learning to increase student success
  • Provide expanded access to education regardless of students' locations
  • Help faculty and students develop technical skills needed for the 21st century workforce

We help instructors use emerging technologies, assess student learning experiences, research innovative applications of technology for learning processes, and apply the results of research to benefit NAU students. Please visit NAU's Planning and Institutional Research page for some quick facts about NAU.

e-Learning Center Staff Contact Information

Location - Gammage Building, Building 1

Access via the stairs

Take the stairs immediately to the right. At the top of the stairs, follow the long hallway to the reception area.

Access via the elevator

After entering go straight down the hall, turn left to enter the main hallway, and find the elevator sign from the main hall. Take the elevator to the third floor. The elevator doors open to the reception area. The training room is located directly across from the elevator.

Wheelchair access

Enter the first floor through the southeast door, the one that says Gammage Library above the doorway. Then turn right down the main hall to get to the elevator. Alternatively, from the parking lot behind the building, enter the back doorway and go straight toward the elevator. Take the elevator to the third floor and the reception area. The training room is located directly across from the elevator doors.