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News: The e-Learning Center has developed a Blackboard Course Template and a collection of Template Resources that instructors can use to help make their courses more consistent and easier for students to navigate. This template was developed with faculty and student input, following Quality Matters principles.

View the Bb Learn Change Log for the latest information on Bb Learn at NAU.

Current Version: On 06.07.2014 we updated to Blackboard Learn Version 9.1, Service Pack 13, Compatibility Update 10.

Past: On 03.22.2014, the cutover to Managed Hosting of Bb Learn was successfully completed.

New Blackboard Learn Features

Here is a video that demonstrates some of the major changes that came with SP 12 on May 23, 2013.

Test Improvements

  • Add exceptions for individual students or groups – you can now schedule extra time or makeup quizzes without having to make a second copy of your test!
  • Schedule what kind of feedback your students will see… for example, you can schedule the release of the student’s score immediately, but the correct answers only after the availability has ended.

Inline Assignment Grading

  • View assignments and provide feedback – including comments, highlighting, etc. – right within the web browser, instead of having to download attachments.

Calendar Enhancements

  • Add calendar items automatically based on activity due dates!
  • Drag-and-drop a calendar entry, and the due date updates itself.

Discussion Board Enhancements

  • Set up your forum so that a student may not see other students’ posts until he has posted his own thread.

Content Editor Improvements

  • Edit HTML files within Bb Learn, even if they weren’t created in Bb Learn.
  • No more worries about “bad code” as a result of pasting from Word!

Social Learning

  • Connect with others more easily – in your courses, at the University, and even at other institutions.
  • Set up your own Spaces to share common interests, do group work, etc.

Retention Center

  • See at a glance which students may be at risk, may not be engaging with the course, or may just need a little nudge in order to be successful.

Known Issues

  • Blackboard acknowledges the following issues PDF in Service Pack 11 and 12 and is working on fixes.

Older Information

In January 2009, NAU transitioned from the Vista LMS to Blackboard Learn. The following is posted for archival purposes but may contain some out-of-date information.