What is a bug?

A problem is classified as a bug if a Bb Learn feature is intended to work a certain way and it does not work the way it is supposed to. It is not considered a bug if the product is functioning as designed and you don't like the way it functions. The latter can be addressed as a "feature request." The e-Learning Center cannot fix bugs, although sometimes we can suggest a workaround or an alternative approach. Most bugs must be fixed by the company that develops Bb Learn. Occasionally ITS is able to fix bugs if they stem from work that ITS has done to integrate Bb Learn with other NAU systems, such as Peoplesoft (LOUIE). But actual Bb Learn bugs must be fixed by Blackboard. Blackboard typically issues groups of bug fixes, known as service packs, about 3 to 4 times a year.

Before the e-Learning Center can submit a bug report to Blackboard, we must document the steps to reproduce the problem. A problem that happens only once or one that cannot be reproduced cannot be submitted as a bug to Blackboard.

Last updated: Jan 10, 2012