Can I extract the audio from a Collaborate recording?

Yes. Return to the same Bb Collaborate List Page where you originally scheduled your Collaborate session. This might be from within your Bb Learn course or from the Tools menu on your My Bb Learn page.

On the Bb Collaborate List Page, select the Recordings link.

Use the Search parameters to find the recording from which you want to download the .mp3 audio.

After locating your Bb Collaborate session recording, look for the Audio (MP3) column to the right of your recording.

If the audio hasn't been converted previously, there will be a link titled "Convert." Select this link to begin converting the Collaborate recording audio into an MP3 file.

The conversion process may take some time. So, write yourself a reminder and come back to the Bb Collaborate List Page later.

When the conversion is complete you will see a green "play" button.  Click this button.

On the new screen that appears, you will see two buttons in the video window.  Select the Download button to save the MP3 file to your local computer. You can play MP3s in iTunes, Audacity, and the Windows Media Player.


Last updated: Apr 18, 2013