How do I link to Bb Collaborate recordings?

There are several ways that you can share Bb Collaborate recordings.

Option 1:

You can direct users to the Recordings tab in the Bb Learn, Bb Collaborate List page. By using the search parameters in the top left of the page, students can select the date the recording was made. They should see the recording in the list below and select the link to view it.

Note: If the recording was scheduled in a Bb Learn course but not marked as public, the user will need to first log into the course to view the recording.

Option 2:

If you would prefer to link directly to a recording rather than direct users to a specific date in the Recordings tab, you can right click on the recording link and copy it for use in any document where people would access the recording. 

By right clicking, you should see a pop up menu that gives an option similar to "copy link location."  Once copied, paste the link where you would like to use it such as an email, html page, word document, etc.

Last updated: Apr 18, 2013