Can you recommend a Collaborate headset microphone or webcam?

To participate in a Collaborate web conference, you need a computer with audio capability. A webcam is optional. The current version of Collaborate uses echo cancellation; participants and moderators may use external speakers in combination with their internal computer microphones without any significant echoing. Some participants and moderators, however, opt for an audio headset because it provides the best audio quality and listening experience for Collaborate conferences.

If your computer already has a built-in microphone and webcam, we encourage you to try them first because Collaborate is compatible with a wide range of audio and video hardware. Collaborate Support recommends that USB headsets be used instead of analog headsets. 

Please contact the Support Systems Analyst in your department for accessories that are compatible with your computer setup. If you would like to purchase a USB headset or webcam, the NAU Bookstore regularly stocks these items.


Last updated: Sep 14, 2014