Where can I find Collaborate resources for partipants and moderators?

Collaborate Resources for Participants and Moderators


  • Essentials for Participants (HTML)
  • Participant's Guide (HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide (HTML) (PDF)
  • Getting Started for Participants Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Participant Orientation (recording


  • Getting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  • Essentials for Moderators (HMTL)
  • Moderator's Guide (HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide (HTML) (PDF)
  • Overview for Moderators (recording)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Plan Installation and Registration Guide (PDF)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Plan User's Guide (PDF)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Publish Installation and User's Guide (PDF)
  • Moodle Integration for Web Conferencing User’s Guide (HTML) (PDF)


  • Introduction to the Participants Panel (PDF)
  • Using the Audio & Video Panel (PDF)
  • Using Chat (PDF)
  • Audio Setup Wizard (PDF)
  • Loading a PowerPoint File (PDF)
  • Using the Whiteboard (PDF)
  • Introduction to the Whiteboard (recording)
  • Using the Polling Feature Wizard (PDF)
  • Using Application Sharing (PDF)
  • Introduction to Application Sharing (recording)
  • Using Web Tour (PDF)
  • Introduction to Web Tour (recording)
  • Using Telephony (PDF)
  • Getting Started with Recordings (PDF)
Last updated: Nov 9, 2012