Hiding or Un-Hiding Courses in Your My Bb Learn My Courses List

The My Courses list on your My Bb Learn page might become cluttered with old or seldomly-accessed courses. You may hide courses that you do not access very often in order to make your My Courses list more manageable.

Similarly, you may be looking for a course in which you are enrolled, but you cannot seem to find it. Don't panic! Check to see if you may have hidden it; you may then show it, and you're back in business!

To Show or Hide a course in your My Courses list:

  • Log in to Bb Learn (bblearn.nau.edu)
  • Hover over the top-right corner of your My Courses list; you should see an Edit icon (it looks like a little gear); click on that icon
  • Any courses that are currently displaying on your My Courses list will have a checkmark in the Display Course box; any courses that are hidden will not have a checkmark
  • To show a course that is hidden, check its Display Course checkbox
  • To hide a course that is currently displayed, un-check its Display Course checkbox
  • Click Submit

NOTE: If you are involved in a large number of courses, your Edit Course List may show only the first 25 courses; be sure to click the Show All button or Edit Paging... to display a longer list.

Last updated: Mar 12, 2013