How do I create a weighted column using percentages?

A weighted column is a type of calculated column that computes a grade based on the result of selected columns and categories that are weighted using percentages.  For example, a semester grade could be calculated using the following formula:

Semester Grade = Assignments (40%) + Tests (40%) + Quizzes (20%)

  1. Go to the Grade Center under the Course Management area
  2. Select Full Grade Center
  3. Select Full Grade Center

  4. Once in the Grade Center, choose the Create Calculated Column action link.
  5. Create Calculate Column

  6. Select Weighted Column.
  7. Select Weighted Column

  8. Type in a Column Name in the textbox (e.g., Total Weighted Column).
  9. Enter Column Name

  10. The Grade Center name is optional and is only visible in the Grade Center, which is not visible to students under My Grades.
  11. The Description is also optional and is only visible when the students see the column details in My Grades.
  12. Select an option from the Primary Display down drop list.  For example, selecting Percentage will show the students their final calculated percentage in this column (e.g., 93%).
  13. Select a Primary Display option

  14. To select the columns and categories to include in the equation, click on the name, and choose the arrow next to the Selected Columns area. The top arrow controls the columns, and the middle arrow controls the categories to select. This will transfer the column or category to the Selected Columns list. 
  15. Select Columns and Categories

    Add column and categories to list

    Note: If a category does not have any assessments defined, then you cannot use the category option.

  16. Set the percentage of the total for each column and/or category. 
  17. Enter percent values for each category or column

  18. Select Calculate as Running Total, if needed. A running total only includes items that have grades or attempts. Selecting No includes all items in the calculations, using a value of 0 for an item if there is no grade.
  19. Select Calculate as Running Total if needed

  20. Select the other Options as appropriate.
  21. Select other options where appropriate

  22. Click Submit.
  23. Submit

Last updated: Jan 9, 2014