How do I request e-Reserves from the Cline Library?

First, go to the Cline Library website.  ( )
Find the Course Reserves link on the right hand side of the page.  (It is in the same box as the Ask A Librarian link.)
Select the Course Reserves link.
Under "Help for Faculty," select the "Request Course Reserves Items" link.

On the Request Course Reserves Items page, you can submit up to seven items that you will be able to reference from your online course shell.

After completing the form at the top, look for this heading sequence --
Request Item:  >  * Reserve Type:

Using the "Choose One:" drop down arrow, select the type of media you are requesting for your course.
Generally, if you are requesting an article or journal pdf, you would select Electronic Reserves.

To add additional reserves request, select the Add Another Item button at the bottom and complete the Reserve Type as you did previously.

This will essentially start a conversation with the library and they will email you with any questions they might have.

Last updated: Mar 31, 2014