Where is my course?

After logging in to Bb Learn, you will be on your My Bb Learn page. The courses you have access to are listed in the My Courses module on this page.

First, make sure your course is not hidden. To un-hide a course from your own view, click the Edit ("Gear") icon in the upper-right corner of the My Courses module. Note that hiding a course from your My Courses list does not affect its visibility to students.

If your course is not listed and you are a student, please check in LOUIE to make sure you are enrolled.  Also, students will not see courses in the learning management system until the start date of the course (usually the first day of the term).

If your course is not listed and you are an instructor, please check in PeopleSoft or check with your department to make sure you are listed as an instructor of record for that class.  If you have done that, and you still do not see your course, please contact the e-Learning Center at elc-help@nau.edu or call the Faculty Help Line: (928) 523-5554 or, Toll Free (866) 802-5256.


Last updated: Aug 29, 2012