What access does each role in the learning management system (Bb Learn) have?

Enrollment in Bb Learn, the current learning management system (LMS) is fed from PeopleSoft (LOUIE), which is authoritative for the data. Just as student enrollment comes from LOUIE, so does enrollment of instructors, designers and teaching assistants.

The table below indicates the level of LMS course shell access for instructor roles as they correlate to the Schedule of Classes.

Schedule of Classes

Instructor Role Definitions

…becomes in the LMS…

LMS Role

 LMS Role Definitions

Primary Instructor

Every class must have a primary instructor. The primary instructor is the instructor of record who is ultimately responsible for administering and grading the class. Use this role to indicate the instructor with primary responsibility for the class even when this instructor is a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Primary Instructor

May view the grade center, grade assignments, assessments and discussions, use messages and discussions, change tool and course properties. May add/delete/change course content.

Secondary Instructor

Should be used if a class has an instructor or faculty member who is not ultimately responsible for the administration and grading of a class, but he/she co-teaches the class.

Secondary Instructor

May view the grade center, grade assignments and discussions, use messages and create/reply to discussions, change tool and course properties. May not add/delete/change course content.

Teaching Assistant

Should be used to indicate a person who is assisting a primary or secondary instructor. Examples would include those who supervise, grade in the LMS, or assist administratively with the class, but do not teach the class.

Teaching Assistant

Has the same abilities as a Secondary Instructor.


Should only be used to indicate an individual who is responsible for the data entry of student grades into LOUIE. This individual has no responsibility for the administration of the class or for actual grade computation. Many times these are class schedulers or staff who assist faculty in entering their students’ grades into LOUIE. If the individual needs LMS access as well (e.g. grading and entering assignment grades in the grade book), then use Teaching Assistant instructor role. Not reported to ABOR.


NO Access

  • The roles assigned to the faculty in the Schedule of Classes must reflect their actual teaching responsibilities.****The roles are important for departmental course load reporting and university reporting. Please note:
    • Teaching Assistants should never be entered as Primary Instructors in order to obtain designer access.
    • There should never be more than one Primary Instructor assigned to a class for the sole sake of the Designer role.

    Example: Department requests that a Teaching Assistant have Designer Access along with the Primary Instructor.

  • If the instructor role in the Schedule of Classes does not reflect the role required in the LMS, the department may email e-Learning Center at elc-help@nau.edu to request the desired LMS shell access. These requests should make it clear that the requested role cannot be accomplished via a corresponding role in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Also note that there is an Instructor Role of “Grader” and a Grade Roster Access of “Grade” in the Schedule of classes. These items are two different fields and are related, however do not mean the same thing. The table above is referring to the Instructor Roles, not Grade Roster Access.
  • Departments should keep work load reporting in mind when making these decisions.
  • Departments are responsible for making sure anyone with access to the Grade Book or Roster has passed FERPA.

To add someone with both Designer and Instructor access in the LMS, enter them in the Schedule of Classes as a "Primary Instructor." To add an Instructor ("teach-only") access in the LMS, enter the person as "Secondary Instructor." To add a Teaching Assistant, enter the person into the Schedule of Classes as "Teaching Assistant." The position of "Grader" in the Schedule of Classes does not enroll the person in the LMS at all - this only gives a person access to enter final grades into LOUIE.

If you need to add a Designer but are unable to add that person as a Primary Instructor in the Schedule of Classes (because of payroll, workload, or other issues), please contact elc-help@nau.edu.

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Last updated: Aug 13, 2014