How do I access Collaborate?

You can use Collaborate 1) as a stand-alone web conferencing tool, or 2) as a resource inside your Bb Learn course.

  1. Use the NAU Portal ( to set up a session if you don't need Bb Learn. Click on the Resources and Tools menu. Create your session in the Blackboard Collaborate module.
  2. For course specific Collaborate sessions, select a course from Bb Learn's My Courses list. Next, select Blackboard Collaborate from the Course Tools submenu.

Note: Students do not have access to Course Tools in their student view. Many instructors opt to create a Collaborate tool link to help students access Collaborate sessions more easily. See the Creating a Tool Link web tutorial.

For more information about Collaborate, please review our full tutorial.

Please contact the e-Learning Center Faculty Help Line (928) 523-5554 or 1-866-802-5256 or if you need assistance or if issues arise.

Last updated: May 16, 2014