What are reasons to use quizzes?

Practical and pedagogical reasons for using automated online testing include:

  • Questions can appear randomly: this feature allows each student's test to be different, thus having the potential to reduce cheating
  • Answer choices can appear randomly: this feature also has the potential to reduce cheating because what is choice "a" for one student may be choice "b" for another
  • Students can get feedback on wrong answers: this is one of the most beneficial features of online testing because it helps close the "feedback loop" of assessment
  • Time limits can be set: this feature can encourage students to know specific material very well if using a speeded approach, or it can ease stress if students are give unlimited time
  • Multiple attempts are possible: students have identified this feature as one they appreciate, citing it as a strategy for learning the material
  • Alternative versions are easy to create: using two versions of some questions creates variety among the tests and can also reduce cheating
  • Students receive immediate feedback (if the instructor determines it): this is another favorite feature cited by students
Last updated: Aug 24, 2011