How do I set up a Smart View in the Grade Center?

You can set up a Smart View in the Grade Center to show only certain items or members. For example, you may want to show only "Available" students (since your grade center may show Unavailable students -- those who were enrolled, but who have dropped the course). In this example we'll set up a smart view to see only Available students.

  1. Go to the Full Grade Center
  2. Under the Manage menu, select Smart Views
  3. Click Create Smart View
  4. Enter a name in the Name field; in this case we'll enter "Available Students Only"
  5. Check the "Add as Favorite" box
  6. Under Type of View, click Custom
  7. In User Criteria, select Availability   Equal to   Available
  8. In Filter Results, select All Columns if you want all of the columns to display; or other selections based on your needs.
  9. Click Submit

You should now see the "Available Only" smart view as an option in the Control Panel under Full Grade Center; click on that to see only your Available students.

Last updated: Oct 6, 2011