When I download my grade center and open it in Excel, some students' UserIDs are changing. What's wrong?

When you download your Grade Center from Bb Learn and open it in Excel, you may notice that some of of the UserIDs have changed to dates. This is because Excel is trying to be helpful by assuming that a UserID that contains the abbreviation of a month (e.g., dec12 or feb45) is meant to portray a date, and it will change the format of that cell from plain text to a date format.


  • Student with UserID dec12 will appear in Excel as Dec-12, which may represent December 12, 2012 (or December 12, 2013, etc.). 
  • Student with UserID feb45 will appear in Excel as Feb-45, which represents February 1, 1945.

This is really an issue with Excel, not with Bb Learn. To correct it, you will need to first change the format of the Excel column or cells:

  1. Right-click on the column header in Excel and select Format Cells...  
  2. Select Text as the format, and click OK

Now the affected UserIDs most likely will have changed to numbers, which is how Excel stores dates. So, you need to re-enter the UserIDs for any students who were affected. You can find the student's UserIDs in your Grade Center in Bb Learn.

Last updated: Feb 23, 2012