How can I view more than one page in Blackboard at the same time?

In any web browser, you have the ability to open multiple windows (or multiple tabs in a single window). You can log into Bb Learn in each of these windows or tabs and navigate to different parts of your course. For example, one window might contain the Grade Center and a second window could contain the Discussions module. This ability to hop back and forth between different places in the course without leaving the page is faster and can be very convenient when developing course content or grading student work.

With multiple browsers, you can perform an additional trick. If you access Bb Learn in Firefox, for example, with your regular NAU account, you can access Bb Learn in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or Safari and log in using a different account such as the Test Student. This allows you to design things as an instructor and test them in a true student view.

Additional browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are free and easy to install on your Mac or Windows computer.

Last updated: Jun 9, 2012