How Do I Hide Grade Columns from Students?

There are two different "Hide" options for Grade Center columns. You can hide the columns from the student view that they see in My Grades and/or hide the columns from your view in the Grade Center. 

To hide a column from the student view:

  1. Go to Grade Center
  2. Click on the drop-down action link for each column.
  3. Select Show/Hide to Users.
  4. When a column is hidden to students, there is a red slash icon next to the column name. 
If you do NOT SEE the columns that students are seeing, they are hidden from your view. You will need to SHOW the columns and then hide them from students.

To show a column in the instructor view:
  1. Go to Grade Center.
  2. Select on the Manage button.
  3. Select the Column Organization option.
  4. You can see the hidden columns as italicized with a gray text. 
  5. Select the check boxes for columns you need to see again.
  6. Select the Show/Hide button found below the list of columns.
  7. Select the Show Selected Columns option.
  8. Don't forget to click the Submit button.
Now you can hide the columns from students by returning to the Grade Center and selecting the Show/Hide to Users option for each column.




Last updated: Jun 21, 2012