Faculty Innovation Grants (2014-2015)

The President’s Technology Initiative (PTI) review committee requests proposals from full-time faculty for funding to implement technology innovations designed to increase student learning, promote advancement in courses and support persistence towards a baccalaureate degree. more... PDF View as PDF

Large Course Redesign (2014-2015)

The President's Technology Initiative (PTI) review committee requests proposals from academic units for funding to create collaboratively redesigned courses that will be taught in a coordinated fashion across all sections of the selected courses. more... PDF View as PDF

Extended Campuses

Stipends of up to $5,000 are available to faculty for developing fully online Blackboard Learn versions of new or existing courses. For more information contact Patrick Deegan, Associate Dean of Extended Campuses, at (928) 523-6609.

ELC Faculty Mentors

The Faculty Mentor Program is intended to increase the number of faculty making effective use of instructional technology for teaching and learning.


ELC Faculty Fellows

The goal of the Faculty Fellows Program is to investigate four key areas of teaching and learning at NAU...


ELC Mini Grants

These grants award funds to faculty who teach large-enrollment freshman classes, who want to add technology-enhanced activities in face-to-face courses, or who are redesigning degrees or developing new certificate programs.