CDG Consulting Services

The Creative Design Group can act as consultants on all or part of an instructor's project. For those who like to take a hands on approach, we can provide an introduction to the tools and techniques needed. If a concept is in mind, we can make it a reality. Any combination of support required can be delivered.

Some of the production services we provide include:

  • Plan and shoot video content or demonstrations
  • Record audio
  • Edit audio and video content created by the CDG or from outside sources
  • Plan and create animations to illustrate complex ideas and processes
  • Discuss copyright issues and technical limitations
  • Compress media and install into streaming media players for online distribution
  • Arrange for transcription and address accessibility concerns
  • Photo shoots and custom photography


  • Group training in use of media tools
  • Personalized consulting in use of Instructional Media Lab equipment and Quicktime VR
  • We are developing group training in creation of digital media.

Creative Design Group Contacts

* denotes primary contact
Name Email Phone
Ken 928 523-7879
Stephanie 928 523-8997
Jeanette 928 523-1208